This section provides information about technical issues with ICLR.4

For other customer service issues, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

System requirements

ICLR.4 is primarily designed for use on a standard landscape oriented desktop or laptop computer screen size. However, the display has also been optimised, so far as its features allow, for use on smaller screens, such as tablets and mobile phones, although some functions may not be as accessible or easy to use.

ICLR.4 works with all modern operating systems and up to date internet browsers. We recommend, for the best experience, that you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It will also work with Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera, but not with Internet Explorer (which is no longer supported).

Access to ICLR.4

Much of the content on ICLR.4 is free. But to access full text law reports, and to use advanced features including Case Genie, you need a subscription. For details of subscriptions, see our Pricing page.

Subscribers can access subscription content and features by logging in using their user name and password, or for institutions via IP recognition. For more information, contact us.

Using ICLR.4

ICLR.4 is designed to be fast, convenient and intuitive.

There is comprehensive Help on searching for cases, accessible on the home page and from the Search options menu. There are also pop-up help buttons to explain particular features in the display. (Look for the small purple question marks.)

For help on using Case Genie, please refer to our tutorial videos and FAQs on the dedicated Case Genie information page.

To download or share content (subject to the terms of use), use the drop-down options under the ‘share or save’ icon on any content page.

PDFs are derived from the typeset pages of our full text law reports. PDFs of legislation are generated at source, via and as published by The National Archives. Where content has not been typeset, the PDF will be auto-generated.

To print content, we recommend downloading a PDF of that content, and printing that. You can print directly from your web browser, but the results may not look at good.

Linking to content on ICLR.4

The drop-down options under the ‘share or save’ icon include an option to copy the link to a case. The link will be either to the case report itself, if open, or to the Case Info record. Generally speaking, clicking on a case name will take you to the Case Info (if available) for that case; clicking on a case reference or citation will take you to the document itself.

For automating links to content on ICLR.4, please see our separate guidance on Creating Links to Cases on ICLR.4 using the pubrefLookup Method.