ICLR is the leading supplier of case law for England and Wales.

We have been publishing the official series of The Law Reports since 1865, and the leading general series, The Weekly Law Reports since 1953.

In addition, we publish three specialist series: on employment law (The Industrial Cases Reports), commercial law (The Business Law Reports) and on local government and charity law (The Public and Third Sector Law Reports).

All these are available as part of our online platform, ICLR.4, together with a wealth of other information about cases (including unreported cases or those reported elsewhere).

Case Genie

A revolutionary AI-powered tool for legal research, Case Genie analyses your documents to identify legal concepts and issues in them, suggesting relevant cases from our database.

Cases are identified purely by reference to their textual content: no prior editorial classification is necessary. This means Case Genie can highlight and recommend even the most novel or obscure cases that conventional search methods might overlook, reassuring legal researchers.

The Law Reports

Published monthly since 1865, The Law Reports are widely regarded as the most authoritative series of law reports for England and Wales. As the official series, they are required to be cited in preference to any other reports of the same case.

The Weekly Law Reports

Published since 1953, the Weekly Law Reports (WLR) provide the best way to keep up to date with all cases of general interest heard in the superior and appellate courts. The series covers all the cases that really matter – more than 500 cases a year – including all those which either introduce a new point of law or develop the existing law in some way.

The Industrial Cases Reports

Published monthly since 1972, The Industrial Cases Reports (ICR) are the most authoritative employment law series and have become an indispensable resource for all lawyers specialising in employment law as well as for lay advisers and members of employment tribunals.

The Business Law Reports

Launched in 2007 specifically to meet the needs of chancery and commercial lawyers and those working within the business community, the Business Law Reports focus on key areas that include Arbitration, Company law, Financial Services, Insolvency, Intellectual Property, Mercantile and Shipping law cases.

The Public and Third Sector Law Reports

Launched in 2009, the Public and Third Sector Law Reports (PTSR) are specifically designed to meet the needs of charity, social enterprise and local government lawyers and all those involved in the provision of public and community services. The reports offer essential coverage of cases in key areas relating to the exercise of public duties and functions, public benefit, and issues of public accountability.


ICLR.4 is a powerful, intuitive legal online research platform that provides access to every case published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales together with a vast archive of unreported judgments and indexed case information. A comprehensive recent upgrade has added many uniquely beneficial features.

You do not need an account to perform basic searches or to read judgment transcripts, case summaries or legislation; but full text law reports and advanced features such as our unique AI-powered research tool Case Genie are only available to subscribers.

Print Publications

Our print publications include The Consolidated Index to Leading Law Reports, a collection of Leading Planning Cases, and the ICLR Anniversary Edition to mark our 150th anniversary in 2015.

Please navigate to the relevant page to find more information about each of these products and how to purchase or subscribe to them.