Business Law Reports

Specialist coverage of Company, Commercial, and Intellectual Property law cases

Launched in 2007 specifically to meet the needs of chancery and commercial lawyers and those working within the business community, the Business Law Reports focus on key areas that include Arbitration, Company law, Financial Services, Insolvency,  Intellectual Property, Mercantile and Shipping law cases. They  also offer an invaluable resource for teachers and students of accountancy, business and management courses at all levels.

All case reports are written by barristers or solicitors who, in the vast majority of cases, will have attended court for the hearing as well as attending for judgment. As with all the ICLR’s full text reports, the Business Law Reports include an expertly written headnote summarising the essential facts and clearly stating the points of law decided by the court. They are designed to be read not just by specialist lawyers but also by lay business professionals, to enable them to ascertain speedily what the case is about and why it may be relevant to a particular issue. Reports also include useful information about the procedural background of the case, and list all the previous cases cited in argument as well as those referred to in judgment. The judgments themselves are approved by the judges concerned prior to publication.


As well as covering cases from all divisions of the High Court, the Court of Appeal, the UK Supreme Court (previously the House of Lords), Privy Council, and Court of Justice of the European Union, the Business Law Reports also cover specialist cases from the Mercantile Court and the Competition Appeal Tribunal. Coverage has been expanded from 2018 to include additional cases which illustrate the application of an existing principle of law or are in some other way peculiarly instructive.

As well as full reports, the early volumes of the series also include digests of additional cases which may not merit full reporting but which contain practical or procedural points of interest to practitioners. The digests consist of a short summary of the case together with relevant extracts from the full judgment.

Mode of citation

Full case reports are cited by year, series abbreviation* and page number: [2007] Bus LR 1

Digest reports are cited with a D before the page number: [2008] Bus LR D1

*Please note that BLR is the abbreviation for the Building Law Reports and should not be used for the Business Law Reports.


The Business Law Reports were available in print and online from 2007 to 2013 and online only from 2014, as part of the Full Suite subscription package.

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