Industrial Cases Reports

The definitive cases on employment, discrimination and pensions law

Published monthly since 1972, The Industrial Cases Reports (ICR) are the most authoritative employment law series and have become an indispensable resource for all lawyers specialising in employment law as well as for lay advisers and members of employment tribunals.

All case reports are written by barristers or solicitors who have attended  the hearing and handing down of judgment in the senior and appellate courts or the Employment Appeal Tribunal. As with all the ICLR’s full text reports, they also contain a wealth of useful information about the procedural background of the case, and list all the previous cases cited in argument as well as those referred to in judgment. The  judgments themselves are approved by the judges concerned prior to publication.

The series editor is particularly keen to ensure that the headnote to each case is written as clearly, concisely and accurately as possible, so that not only professional lawyers but also lay readers can quickly and easily understand what a case is about and why it might be of relevance to a particular issue.


The reports cover cases from the Employment Appeal Tribunal and appeals to the Court of Appeal and the House of Lords, as well as cases originating in the High Court, cases of special interest heard in employment tribunals and cases from the European Court of Justice. Subjects covered include all aspects of employment law, health and safety, discrimination and equality, and pensions. (Until 2007 the series also covered restrictive practices and competition cases, but these are now covered by the Business Law Reports.)

As well as the full text law reports of the most important cases, the monthly parts of the series also include summaries of additional cases which may not merit full reporting but which contain practical or procedural points of interest to practitioners. Until 2011 these took the form of “Recent Points” comprising short one- or two-page summaries of cases. Since 2011 such cases have been included in the form of case digests.

Mode of citation

Full case reports are cited by year, series abbreviation and page number: [1972] ICR 1

Digest reports are cited with a D before the page number: [2012] ICR D1


The Industrial Cases Reports are available both in print and online (as part of the Full Suite subscription package).

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The print edition is published in monthly parts. The ICR Bound Volume Service includes a bound volume containing the full print reports, as well as the monthly paper parts.

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