The Consolidated Index

A printed index and digest of case names, subject matter, and judicial considerations of other cases and legislation

Also known as the “Red Index”, The Consolidated Index to Leading Law Reports was a unique research tool and an indispensable work of reference. It enabled the practitioner, student or librarian to find, at a glance, any case reported in one of the leading series of law reports during a particular period. All important cases, from 1951 to 2020, may be quickly and easily be found by reference to their names, subject matter or by reference to cases or legislation cited in them. (Earlier cases were indexed in the the cumulative and consolidated Digest of Cases, which appeared in a series of multi-volume editions from 1865 until 1950.)

As well as The ICLR’s own publications, the nine volumes of the Consolidated Index cover cases reported in a number of other leading series of reports, including the All England Law Reports; All England Commercial Cases; All England European Cases; the Criminal Appeal Reports; Lloyd’s Law Reports; the Local Government Reports; the Road Traffic Reports; and Tax Cases. More recent volumes have added Butterworths Company Law Cases; the Family Law Reports; and Simon’s Tax Cases.

The indexes

Each volume of the Consolidated Index is divided into the following indexes.

Cases Reported

This lists in alphabetical order all the cases reported in the indexed series, together with all their citations and relevant court abbreviations.

Alternative case names are cross-referenced to the main entry, as are Ships’ Names where relevant.

Subject Matter

Cases are listed according to their subject matter under three levels of headings followed by relevant catchwords, enabling the user to find all the cases relating to a particular topic in the same place. The subject matter headings contain comprehensive cross-references.

Additional sections lists commonly used Words & Phrases which have been considered by the court as part of the subject matter of the case; and Ships’ Names.

Cases Judicially Considered

This lists any earlier cases considered (applied, distinguished, overruled etc) by the court in any of the cases indexed in the current volume. This section also lists the “appellate history” of the indexed cases, ie where lower court decisions have been affirmed, reversed or varied by the decision of a higher court.

The table of Cases Judicially Considered is not limited to decisions mentioned in the headnotes of the reports and includes cases judicially considered in all cases indexed in the tables of Cases Reported and Subject Matter.

Legislation considered

Any legislative or other commonly used wordings which have been considered by the court in cases reported in ICLR’s own series are also listed under the following headings:

  • Statutes
  • Statutory Instruments
  • Standard forms of contract
  • European Union enactments
  • Overseas Enactments
  • International Convention


Bound volumes of the Consolidated Index are available for each of the decades 1951-60; 1961-70; 1971-80; 1981-90 and 1991-2000, and for the half-decades 2001-05; 2006-10; 2011-15; and 2015-2020.

Please note that no further volumes of the Consolidated Index are planned. All the information in the Consolidated Indexes is now available online, along with a good deal of additional content.

For guidance, see: How do I find Consolidated Index information online?

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