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ICLR.4 is a powerful, intuitive legal online research platform that provides access to every case published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales together with a vast archive of unreported judgments and indexed case information. A comprehensive recent upgrade has added many uniquely beneficial features.

You do not need an account to perform basic searches or to read judgment transcripts, case summaries or legislation; but full text law reports and advanced features such as our unique AI-powered research tool Case Genie are only available to subscribers.

If you already have a subscription, go to the Home Page dashboard and log in from there.

Top Features

Case Genie is a revolutionary new AI-driven search tool that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyse a user’s own document in order to identify the legal concepts and issues in it and then suggest cases from our database that might be relevant. It is easy to use and entirely confidential: your text is encrypted immediately and only retained for the duration of the session. Documents such as skeleton arguments, judgments or journal articles can be uploaded in Word, PDF or text doc format, or you can simply paste in a block of text containing the relevant problem.

Having analysed your input text, Case Genie is able to suggest up to 50 similar cases, among which to search or filter to find the most relevant, or undiscovered or potentially overlooked cases. To these can be added several hundred further results, consisting of those cases linked by way of citation to the initially suggested cases.

Having thus primed your search, you can drill down further using conventional search fields or filters. Whether used as the start of a research journey or the final check that nothing has been overlooked, Case Genie adds a powerful new tool to your search options.

Please note that Case Genie requires a subscription. 

For more information about this, see our Case Genie information page.

Search options

ICLR.4 also offers a raft of more conventional search options.

  • Our basic “omnibox” search allows you to perform searches on case name, citation, free text and subject matter, all from a single search field available from any page on the site. Auto-complete offers suggestions of case names as you type case names or citations into the box.
  • Full Search offers a selection of more targeted search fields, including subject matter, court and date of judgment.
  • Saved search lets you store specific search queries for later use, making it easier to systematically stay up to date on developments on a legal topic or case you’re interested in.
  • Browse by Legal Topic and subject matter, or by Publication series and volume, or by individual Court to quickly find cases according to these criteria
  • Use the filters in our dynamic results display to zero in on the cases that matter most to your research. You can confine your results to those that match specific legal topic, court, date range, or document types.

Case reports

ICLR’s vast archive of official law reports dating back to 1865 sits at the heart of ICLR.4. We’ve expanded our collection to provide you with greater breadth and depth of case law coverage:

  • The Weekly Law Reports have been expanded for the first time since their creation in 1953 to cover a wider range of new case law, making it the most comprehensive and current series of English case law report available anywhere.
  • Judgment transcripts for all cases decided in the Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal since 1998 will be available alongside our collection of reported case law.
  • New judgments of the senior courts and tribunals on BAILII are automatically added to our online index, as are all the leading English series of law reports, including the All England Law Reports, the Criminal Appeal Reports, Family Law Reports and Lloyd’s Law Reports.

For a full list of ICLR published series, see our Guide to ICLR law reports and their citations


Our legislation service has been completely redesigned, combining

  • A powerful search derived from the most up to date content from the official source, as published by The National Archives on legislation.gov.uk, and
  • A radical new “timeline” feature enabling the user to select and view the version in force as at a particular date.
  • You can also download and print or save PDFs of relevant provisions, or the entire instrument, in the official format. 
  • Link to key statutes and statutory instruments from the cases in which they are judicially considered.

Easy-reading document display

Case reports and legislation appear centre-stage in a clear, uncluttered display that offers:

  • Table of contents in sidebar helps you navigate to particular elements with the case report or legislation
  • Expand and contract nested headings, or jump directly to particular pages or paragraphs in the case report
  • Unbroken scrollable display of document in new fonts designed to improve your reading experience
  • Approved PDF version of every reported case, which can be saved and printed without leaving the reading view

Clear overview of case information

Our new Case Info display opens up to show in a single column prospectus:

  • Court, date of judgment and list of citations for each hearing
  • Links to external judgments sources such as Find Case Law, BAILII, Curia and the Judiciary website
  • Legal topic, subject matter catchwords and appellate history of the case
  • Earlier cases and legislation considered or mentioned in each hearing
  • Subsequent consideration or mention by later cases
  • Links to referenced legislation (where available)
  • Case commentary and hyperlinks to Blackstone’s Criminal and Civil Practice

The Case Info display can be accessed direct from the search results or from Case Report reading view. Navigate within the Case Info using the sidebar Table of Contents.

Keep on top of case law

Stay up to date with our daily feed of new case law. All new case summaries and full text law reports are conveniently displayed, colour-coded by their subject matter, on the Home Page dashboard.

Once logged into your account, you can personalise the home page feed to filter the cases by topics of particular interest to you.

We’ve also made it much easier for you to share content with others, whether it’s through social media or links in your own content and knowledge centres.

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