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Book review: Under the Wig by William Clegg QC

This is both a case book and a memoir, by one of our leading criminal practitioners. The cases are famous ones that got massive newspaper coverage at the time, and the man described in the memoir is both a typical and in some ways not a typical criminal law defender. Review by Paul Magrath. Continue reading

A visit to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg

The European Court in Luxembourg enjoys a level of support and quality of facilities that domestic courts, with the possible exception of the UK Supreme Court, can only envy. Before issuing its multi-lingual judgments, the judges have the benefit, not only of a superb modern library, but also the intensively researched opinion of an Advocate General, the nature of whose role is perhaps not as well known as it could be. Continue reading

Virtual, Flexible, Responsive: HMCTS Reform Roadshow at RCJ

The great hall in the Royal Courts of Justice has a cathedral-like splendour by day, but on a freezing midwinter evening its dim chandeliers failed to dispel the cavernous gloom. It was here that a crowd of some 62 legal professionals gathered on the evening of Monday 11 December, to hear about the latest developments in Continue reading