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ECLI number

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The European Case Law Identifier or ECLI number is a pan-European publisher-neutral system of case citation. It was established by the European Commission in 2010 following the recommendations of the Working Party on Legal Data Processing (e-Law) (12907/1/09) in order to ensure improved cross-border access to national case law, as well as standardising the citation Continue reading

Can a case be a precedent if it hasn’t been published?

Case Law

Yes, but it is rare. The doctrine of precedent depends entirely on the court being made aware of the earlier decision by which it is bound. That in turn depends on the earlier case having been in some way published or otherwise publicised. Before the advent of printed law reports, it was not unusual for Continue reading

Why aren’t ICLR law reports free?

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In a common law system such as that of England and Wales, decisions of the senior courts have the potential to make new law. Those decisions should therefore be freely available to the public, who are bound by the law, in the same way as legislation. For this reason, ICLR makes judgment transcripts available free Continue reading

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