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CALL 2013 Montreal – Amongst friends

At the annual gathering of the Canadian Association of Law Librarians (CALL) 5-8 May 2013, sponsored in part by ICLR.  Conference Diary by Rebecca Herle, Head of Marketing and Operations. After an eventful entrance to the city I refer to as Belle Ville, Montreal, a few bags searched and a less than legal taxi journey, Continue reading

Going logo: all change at the IPO

Thanks to something called a “single government identity”, the IPO or Intellectual Property Office (the operating name of what used to be called The Patent Office) is this month replacing its existing logo with the Royal Coat of Arms. Continue reading

1953: A year to remember

This year marks the diamond jubilee of the Weekly Law Reports, which were launched in 1953 with a mission to provide a general series of full text law reports that would be “unsurpassed for completeness”. Continue reading

YouTube if you want to, the law is not for turning (into a joke)

You read it here first: ICLR Encounters 3, featuring Tim Kevan, Gary Slapper and Alex Williams, “Making Light of the Law“, is now available on video, courtesy of YouTube. The 30 minutes of seamlessly edited highlights include: Gary Slapper, author of “Weird Cases“, recounting the tale of a man who was prosecuted and fined for Continue reading

Sponsored post: Making Light of the Law @TheICLR

“I hear that the ICLR is hosting a seminar entitled Making Light of the Law,” said TheCreep the other day. “Ha! Now that’s a challenge,” said UpTights. “In my view, there is nothing, and I repeat, absolutely and utterly nothing whatsoever light or indeed funny about the law.” “Except for the lawyers, that is,” said TheBusker Continue reading

The ICLR at the IBA in Dublin (3)

The 20 per cent discount on all ICLR products being offered to delegates at the International Bar Association’s annual conference in Dublin has been proving very popular with the delegates stopping by at our stand in the exhibition hall.We have two dem… Continue reading

The ICLR at the IBA in Dublin (2)

The fact that Dublin has been flooded with five thousand lawyers attending the IBA annual conference has not escaped the notice of our taxi drivers. To a man they are, or believe themselves to be, the soul of wit (though not always with the proverbial … Continue reading

The ICLR at the IBA in Dublin

English case law has, by virtue of its persuasive standing in other common law jurisdictions, an appealing quality for many of the five thousand odd delegates at the International Bar Association’s annual conference. The fact that the ICLR is offe… Continue reading