1953 was a year in which England looked to the future. Cars looked like space ships and space ships looked like they might actually take off one day.

The event of the year was, of course, the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, which you might have watched on a TV that looked like this:

If you were lucky enough to have a computer in your office, it might have looked like this:

Sixty years later, we have hybrid cars, flat screen TVs and pocket-size computers. And you can use them to read the Weekly Law Reports, at ICLR Online.

With decisions in all areas of law from all the senior courts, the Weekly Law Reports are just as accurate, reliable and modestly priced as they have always been, and they now cover more recent case law than any other print series. Features which they offered when launched, and continue to offer, include:

  • A clear, concise and accurate headnote setting out the relevant facts and issues of law decided;
  • Lists of cases referred to in the judgment and, additionally, in argument, together with all their main citations;
  • Full text of each judgment, revised and approved by the judge; and
  • Alongside the reports themselves, a Consolidated Index in which the citations, subject matter, and judicial considerations of other cases and of legislation in the cases are clearly and comprehensively listed.

In 2013 the Weekly Law Reports are still, in every sense, “unsurpassed for completeness”, just as they have been for the last sixty years. To mark this diamond jubilee we’ve created a special commemorative cover design on the first issue of the year.

If you are not already a subscriber to the print edition, you can purchase this as a loose part, for only £12: but hurry, this is a limited edition and will only be available while stocks last.