Guide to UK law reports and their citations

Below is a list of the most common domestic series not published by ICLR but cited in our reports. The abbreviation forms part of a citation that may be prefaced by a year in square brackets (the year of publication) or by a year in round brackets (the year of judgment), followed by a volume number (if applicable) and ending with either a page or case number.

ACD Administrative Court Digest
Admin LR Administrative Law Reports (1989–1999)
BCC British Company Cases (1983–1989)
BCC British Company Cases (1990 onwards)
BHRC Butterworths Human Rights Cases
BLR Building Law Reports
BMLR Butterworths Medico-Legal Reports
BPIR Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Reports
CCLR Community Care Law Reports
CCLR Consumer Credit Law Reports
CLC Commercial Law Cases
CMLR Common Market Law Reports
COD Crown Office Digest (1998–2000)
Con LR Construction Law Reports
Costs LR Costs Law Reports
CP Rep Civil Procedure Reports
Cr App R Criminal Appeal Reports
Cr App R (S) Criminal Appeal Reports, Sentencing
Crim LR Criminal Law Review
CTLC Consumer and Trading Law Cases
Ecc LJ Ecclesiastical Law Journal
EG Estates Gazette
EGLR Estates Gazette Law Reports
ELR Education Law Reports
EMLR Entertainment and Media Law Reports
Env LR Environmental Law Reports
Fam Law Family Law
FCR Family Court Reporter
FSR Fleet Street Reports
HLR Housing Law Reports (1981–2001)
HLR Housing Law Reports (2002 onwards)
HRLR Human Rights Law Reports
IL Pr International Litigation Procedure
Imm AR Immigration Appeal Reports
Independent, 18 September 1992 The Independent Law Reports
INLR Immigration and Nationality Law Reports
IRLR Industrial Relations Law Reports
JP Justice of the Peace Reports
JPL Journal of Planning and Environment Law
Ll L Rep Lloyd’s List Law Reports (1919–1950)
Lloyd’s Rep Bank Lloyd’s Law Reports, Banking
LRLR Lloyd’s Reinsurance Law Reports (1995–1997)
Lloyd’s Rep IR Lloyd’s Law Reports, Insurance and Reinsurance (1998–)
Lloyd’s Rep Med Lloyd’s Law Reports, Medical (1998–2006)
Lloyd’s Rep PN Lloyd’s Law Reports, Professional Negligence
L & TR Landlord and Tenant Reports
Med LR Medical Law Reports (1989–1997)
NI Northern Ireland Law Reports
NLJ New Law Journal
P & CR Property, Planning and Compensation Reports
[1997] PIQR P25 Personal Injuries and Quantum Reports (PI pages)
[2001] PIQR Q86 Personal Injuries and Quantum Reports (Quantum pages)
PLR Planning Law Reports
PNLR Professional Negligence and Liability Reports
RPC Reports of Patent Cases
RVR Rating and Valuation Reporter
SC Session Cases
SC(J) Session Cases (Justiciary)
SLT Scots Law Times
SJ Solicitors Journal
The Times, 9 July 1982 The Times Law Reports
UKHRR United Kingdom Human Rights Reports
WTLR Wills and Trusts Law Reports

See also the Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations ( which has a very useful search engine for looking up titles of series from their abbreviations (and vice versa).