What does a subscription to ICLR.4 include?

A subscription to ICLR.4 provides access to the full text case reports and PDFs from ICLR’s published law report series. Other content on the site, such as unreported judgment transcripts, citator information (“index cards”) and WLR Daily case summaries, together with our intuitive and powerful case search, is free. For more information, see our Products page.

There are three levels of subscription.

The basic level includes:

  • The Law Reports (from 1865 to date), covering the most important cases and generally required to be cited in preference over other reports;
  • The Weekly Law Reports (from 1953), the most comprehensive and up to date general series, including many more cases than any other general series.

The “full suite” subscription also includes ICLR’s three specialist series:

  • The Industrial Cases Reports (from 1972), the definitive series for cases on employment, discrimination and pensions law.
  • The Business Law Reports (from 2007), providing specialist coverage of company, commercial, and intellectual property law cases from the senior UK and European courts.
  • The Public and Third Sector Reports (from 2009), covering a range of subjects including adoption, charities, ecclesiastical law, education and local government.

The top subscription level adds all the functionality of Case Genie, our AI-driven case research tool, as well as all the content included in the full suite.

The subscriptions for individual users are set out on our Pricing page, from which you can also buy directly using our e-commerce facility.

For law firms, chambers, academic and other types of multi-user subscription, please contact our subscriptions department via subscriptions@iclr.co.uk or call us on +44 20 7242 6471.


Updated 1 November 2021