As I’m sure all legal professionals know paper work can mount up at a rate of knots; it’s amazing how much old work we file away and hoard in cupboards. Here at the ICLR we recently decided to tackle the issue of bundles galore and attacked our office with an abundance of bin bags.

I like to think that tidying up is chicken soup for the soul, as after all a tidy desk can equal a tidy mind. In amongst the oodles of old mooting competition files and out of date adverts from the late 90’s we found a few little gems. One in particular, unearthed by myself, was a little book entitled Arabinesque-at-Law by Hon. Sir Robert Megarry, the namesake of our building.

The book, written in 1968, is Megarry’s own little revival of Arabiniana, a sixteen page book written in 1843 by H.B.C (unfortunately the original book only displayed initials rather than the authors full name). Meggary’s reworking of the Serjeant Arabin’s career at The Old Bailey was published by Wildy & Sons in 1969, who are still trading today from their office at Lincoln’s Inn Archway.

Megarry also gave all of the profits from his red covered text to The Barristers’ Benevolent Association, a charity which is still very popular with many barristers and judges today (our Chairman, Judge Chambers, recently sold his watercolour prints of great legal cases for this very same cause).

This little insight into law in the late 60’s can still be purchased today from Wildy & Sons online. We would definitely recommend it!