The 20 per cent discount on all ICLR products being offered to delegates at the International Bar Association’s annual conference in Dublin has been proving very popular with the delegates stopping by at our stand in the exhibition hall.

IBA standWe have two demonstration stations, the one on the left being relayed to our big plasma screen, while on the right Daniel Hoadley, Business Development Manager can be seen at the Apple MacBook Pro station, whose crystal clear screen only emphasises the crisp design and nifty connectivity of the ICLR Online platform.

On the table are the brochures (also on the brochure stand on the left) into which we slip the latest (2013) price list, on which we have marked the discounted prices offered this week to the delegates. There are also some corporate gifts: ICLR pens, bottle openers, memory sticks, card holders (perfect for both business cards and credit cards), counsel’s notebooks and copies of the Special Issue. Delegates usually stop for long enough to pick up one or more of these items, and the trick is to then get them to stay a bit longer to watch a demo. As soon as they do, they’re hooked.

IBA standHere are the other two members of the ICLR team: Paul Magrath, Head of Development and Online Content, and Rebecca Herle, Head of Marketing and Operations.

During lulls in the programme, while the delegates are in the talks and seminars, we take a wander round the other exhibitors’ stands, and swap corporate gifts with them. Pens are popular, along with memory sticks, post-it notes, sweets, bags and other practical items, but it is rather amazing how many of them are giving stress-balls or stress-toys of one sort or another.

Is law really that stressful?

They should try to unwind a bit. And you can’t necessarily do that by going to sponsors’ parties and swapping business cards just as you’ve been doing all day, though the parties are undoubtedly fun. So to get away from the whole business, the ICLR team decided last night to sample one of the cultural attractions of Dublin by attending the Gate Theatre’s production of a new play by Declan Hughes, called The Last Summer.

Although one of the characters has worked for a time as a commercial lawyer, the play has nothing to do with the law. Full review to follow, but in the meantime, check out the links above.