Do you moot?

ICLR.4 has a great feature called Case Genie.

But first, what is ICLR.4?

Well it’s a massive database of case law. It has law reports dating back to 1865 and it has tens of thousands of unreported judgments. It holds the basis of all law in England and Wales, the building blocks on which law is built, the interpretation of statutes, the fluid changes of the law over the centuries. Case law is the law in action.

Case Genie uses NLP (natural language processing) to assess any document and then try to find the latest and greatest case law relevant to that document.

If you are taking part in a mooting competition you will have your moot point, you could put some, all or your own assessment into Case Genie and the computer will look for cases that may support, disprove, expand or destroy your argument. Case Genie is simple to use, you can upload your document as a PDF, as a Word doc, or copy and paste some plain text – you can put in a section of an argument featured in a reported case and Case Genie can look for other cases that make this point.

Case Genie is a great starting point. Sometimes case law seems like a morass of thousands of documents with little or no way of digging out the needle in an ever expanding haystack, Case Genie can point you in the right direction and start you off on the right foot.

Free access for mooters

And so, if you are taking part in a moot at any level, school, university, post grad ICLR will give you access to ICLR.4 and Case Genie for the entire time you need it. Could be an afternoon, could be a month, you tell us and we will set you up.

Easy to follow instructional videos are available online, staff are on hand to help if you get stuck and so if you would like the latest in AI technology to help you with you your mooting point please contact us at

Good luck!

The ICLR Team


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