“I hear that the ICLR is hosting a seminar entitled Making Light of the Law,” said TheCreep the other day.

Old Ruin“Ha! Now that’s a challenge,” said UpTights. “In my view, there is nothing, and I repeat, absolutely and utterly nothing whatsoever light or indeed funny about the law.”

“Except for the lawyers, that is,” said TheBusker looking around the room.

“Well I don’t think that counts within the definition of ‘the law’,” said UpTights.

“And picking up on definitions and digging out loopholes definitely isn’t something with which people make fun of lawyers,” said BusyBody.

“Loopholes is in fact a misnomer,” said OldSmoothie. “What the general public might label as such is in fact simply following the law to its last letter.”

“And there we have pedantry and nit-picking,” smiled TheVamp.

“Not to mention those lawyers that seem to speak a different language from the rest of the population,” said TheBusker.

“Or just care about their owns costs,” said BusyBody.

“As if any lawyer doesn’t,” snapped OldSmoothie.

“Or the fact that they seem to think they can parcel together the full richness of life into dry little categories,” said Teflon.

“Only to be confounded by their witnesses when they get to court,” smiled TheVamp.

“You know, if we didn’t laugh about it all, we’d have to cry,” said TheVamp.

“But that’s what I love about the law,” said TheBusker. “The quixotic quest to somehow set definitions for the human soul which is constantly being foiled by the real world around us.”
“It’s true,” said OldRuin. “All you have to do is simply browse through the ICLR Online and you’ll find evidence of every aspect of the human character in all its fallen glory. The vanities, petulance and greed which drive so many…”

“And that’s just the lawyers,” smiled TheBusker.

“…along with qualities such as justice, mercy and above all love. It’s all there in the ICLR’s Law Reports, the courtrooms and yes, even in this chambers where we get a front seat at the greatest theatre in the world.”The ICLR is hosting a seminar at the Law Society entitled ‘Making Light of the Law’ on Monday 3rd December with Gary Slapper, Alex Williams and Tim Kevan.