David Cosway, Business and Product Development Manager reporting from Leeds. Pictured with Daniel Hoadley, Head of R&D at vLex

ICLR has once again made the annual pilgrimage to the BIALL conference hosted this year at the spectacular Queen’s Hotel in Leeds.

This year the title of the conference is “Full steam ahead: From industrial to knowledge revolution.”

The breadth of speakers and topics, although primarily focused on the advancement of technology in the legal field, is, as ever, extremely broad.

Speakers from all over the world are covering topics from Research Indigenous Laws and Canadian Aboriginal Law: Context, Strategies, and Collection Development to From Chaos to Clarity: Knowledge Management’s Crucial Role in Shaping Legal AI, the latter to be presented by ICLR alumni and growing star of the legal research world, Daniel Hoadley.

The conference runs for three days and brings together people from all spheres of the legal world both UK based and abroad. It offers a great chance for us at ICLR to talk to our loyal customers and potential users not just about the continued and growing value of law reports but also the ongoing development of AI technologies that we are utilising to make access and accuracy of legal case law research ever better.

Come and visit ICLR at booth 15.