Blackstone’s Criminal Practice (OUP) and Blackstone’s Civil Practice (OUP) are both well established annual reference guides to the rules of court which govern procedure in the criminal and civil courts and the case law that interprets and applies them. Each of them is now available from OUP in an electronic edition, in which references to reported cases carry links from the case citation to the case report document published on the ICLR website (

All this is required is for users to have a subscription to both products and access to the relevant e-book reader software.

1.   Linking from Blackstone’s to ICLR


Here, for example, is a reference in Blackstone’s Civil Practice to the case of In re S (A Child) (Identification: Restrictions on Publication) [2004] UKHL 47; [2005] 1 AC 593 in a discussion about balancing rights to privacy and freedom of expression:

Clicking on the ICLR link will cause the case report to be opened from the ICLR website, in a separate window alongside the textbook.


2.   Linking from ICLR to Blackstone’s

Likewise, where any case on the ICLR website has been cited in either Blackstone textbook, the case information page will show, under the Commentary tab, each individual chapter reference in which that case has been mentioned.

By way of example, here is the case information page for the same case:



If you scroll down to the bottom or click on the Table of Contents entry for Commentary, you can see listed all the commentary on the case in both textbooks.

Clicking on the paragraph reference will link to that content in the electronic edition of the textbook (as shown above).

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