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What is a Law Report?

A law report is a record of a judicial decision on a point of law which sets a precedent. Not all decisions taken in a court of law set a precedent, however interesting they may be in terms of the facts of the case or its consequences. A decision is only reportable if lays down Continue reading

Family Law No Island: Partial disclosure of material in family proceedings

Continuing his series discussing the impact on family law and practice of legal developments in other areas, David Burrows considers the grounds on which one party in proceedings may restrict the disclosure to one or more other parties of documents and other materials before the court, and the scope and procedure for doing so. Disclosure and Continue reading

Book review: Evidence in Family Proceedings by David Burrows

In a series of posts on this blog, author David Burrows has been examining the impact on family law and practice of reported cases arising in other areas of law. Now Iain Large reviews his recently published book, Evidence in Family Proceedings, and welcomes a valuable new entry into a busy marketplace. Continue reading

The legacy of LASPO

It is four years since the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 came into effect, on April Fool’s day 2013. The Act itself was passed five years ago. Its effects, as we predicted at the time, have been seismic. Image: The Manifesto of Justice (from UK General Election 2015) The policy behind the Continue reading