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Judge for yourself and give us your verdict

The new ICLR Online service went live seven weeks ago, after a sell-out launch at Middle Temple. Our demos have gone down a storm at major events such as the BIALL, IBA and English Bar conferences. We’ve signed up over 500 free trials. We know people are using it. What we would like to know Continue reading

ICLR at IBA in Dubai (2)

Interest in the ICLR’s new online service has been intense among the delegates at the International Bar Association’s annual conference in Dubai. Lawyers from common law jurisdictions such as Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius, India, Hong Kong and Singapore have been especially keen to take up our offer of a month’s free trial with the benefit of Continue reading

ICLR Online Launches

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting is a creature of the legal profession itself. The logo that appears at the head of this blog post attests to our official status and standing. The Royal coat of arms is surrounded by those of the four Inns of Court and the now defunct Serjeants’ Inn. Accordingly, it Continue reading

A rare find…

“Sound the ALARM Ping! goes the alarm signal in the lawyer’s mind, Stop! It says, there was something on this quite recently, But, where? It needn’t have been a case. An order, perhaps? Or some promise by a Minister? Anyhow, there was something. And the wise man turns to CURRENT LAW to check up. It Continue reading

The ICLR Annual Mooting Competition 2010-2011

On Wednesday 30th March 2011 the Open University took on the University of Exeter in the final of The ICLR Annual Mooting Competition. The prestigious event was held in the sumptuous Large Pension Room at Gray’s Inn, a space which offers the perfect setting for a legal debate. The Large Pension Room at Gray’s Inn Continue reading