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Carbolic smoke bongs! A revealing post from BabyBarista

Regrets? We’ve all had a few. Especially in our misspent youths. But as the latest post from the BabyBarista blog shows, there are some quite simple steps you can take to remedy even the most embarrassing (professionally speaking) lapses in your past. Chambers were discussing one of the candidates for a third six pupillage today. Continue reading

Avoid the imposter syndrome with the ICLR online

You’re a pupil, about to embark on your second six months. You’ve finally earned the right to appear in court on behalf of a client. You’ve got your first brief. Nervous? You should be. “The problem is,” as one of the pupils depicted in the latest BabyBarista blog puts it, “that I’ll feel like a Continue reading

BabyBarista – Pupillage and How to Survive It…

It’s that time of year again, when the Target Jobs Pupillage Fair is looming. With this in mind BabyBarista has offered some vital tips for pupils who will be taking the leap from College to Chambers. It seems that there is an array of tips to keep pupils on top form and in their pupil Continue reading

BabyBarista – The ICLR Online – Does size matter?

This week’s ICLR edition featured on the BabyBarista blog The Creep gets his comeuppance in court before Judge Jewellery thanks to the ICLR Online. The above image is courtesy of the BabyBarista blog (illustrated by Alex Williams) Our reports may print out in a “small” fashion, but we can assure you that they are perfectly Continue reading

BabyBarista – The pupil’s saving grace – The ICLR online

The latest instalment of BabyBarista featuring the ICLR sees the Head of Chambers shocked but not appalled at the new online service offered by the ICLR. The downloadable PDFs really are handy and just a few clicks away.   “Young man,” said HeadofChambers rather grandly this morning as he grabbed a pupil by the scruff Continue reading

BabyBarista – Prepare for battle with the ICLR case reports…

Don’t be without the correct armour when heading into battle in court. In the words of BabyBarista’s Vamp be sure to “wield the sword of, er, the common law of England and Wales” which, according to BusyBody, must be “Sharpened with the authority of the official law reports from the ICLR”. We couldn’t have put Continue reading

BabyBarista – Dress Down Friday

It pays to do your research properly, as The Creep found out in this week’s edition of the BabyBarista, featuring the ICLR. Be sure not to make the same mistakes in court; take advantage of our free ICLR Online trial where you can download court ready PDF’s. Apply for your free trial today on the Continue reading

BabyBarista – Get ahead with the ICLR Online

  We at the ICLR are all huge fans of Tim Kevan’s BabyBarista, so you can imagine the excitement when our first sponsored post went live yesterday! “Written by barristers for barristers is good enough for me. Particularly now that they’re now online”… Read the rest of the post online at BabyBarista and sign up Continue reading