A very enjoyable and easy read for the legal vacation. This book captures some of the realities of work in the Crown Courts in a light hearted and gentle manner. It also manages to work in some of the hot topics of the day including: the Digital Case System; issues of disclosure; and guidance for the judicial use of computers.

Although some of the scenarios for the cases might seem far-fetched, it is possible to discern the inspiration for some of the problems that confront His Honour Judge Walden and his fellow judges in Bermondsey from recent judgments of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division. A book which makes one laugh aloud on occasions, and which lifts the spirit throughout.

James Dingemans
29 April 2019

Judge Walden: Call the Next Case: With an introduction by Judge Rinder (Walden of Bermondsey Book 3) by Peter Murphy (No Exit Press, paperback (out 25 July 2019), £9.99; Kindle edition (out now) £4.31).