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Christmas book recommendations (1)

Buying yuletide gifts for lawyers is never an easy task. You could try choosing barristers’ briefs at Ann Summers or, for the less adventurous, M&S, or you could link up with your loved one in a stylish pair of pink handcuffs, as advertised on Patrolstore. But for a safer bet, why not book them on Continue reading

Judge for yourself and give us your verdict

The new ICLR Online service went live seven weeks ago, after a sell-out launch at Middle Temple. Our demos have gone down a storm at major events such as the BIALL, IBA and English Bar conferences. We’ve signed up over 500 free trials. We know people are using it. What we would like to know Continue reading

Book review: Law and Religion

Over the past decade the subject of law and religion has emerged as a discipline in its own right in law faculties. Russell Sandberg in his book Law and Religion has successfully taken it upon himself to define the boundaries of what he perceives to be the core material any student of law and religion Continue reading

BabyBarista – The ICLR Online – Does size matter?

This week’s ICLR edition featured on the BabyBarista blog The Creep gets his comeuppance in court before Judge Jewellery thanks to the ICLR Online. The above image is courtesy of the BabyBarista blog (illustrated by Alex Williams) Our reports may print out in a “small” fashion, but we can assure you that they are perfectly Continue reading

Gavel bashing

It’s the stock image for any story about judges or judging. A short-handled two-headed wooden hammer, used by the judge to draw attention in a court of law. But not in this jurisdiction. The courtrooms of England and Wales are not equipped with gavels. Our judges are not mini-Thors, whacking their bench tops with a Continue reading

Cameras in court – again

Reality courtroom TV may not be generally available in this jurisdiction, but there’s no shortage of the fictional variety in the schedules this autumn. In the Matter of The Jury [2011] ITV 1 The current hearings (or viewings) began with a claim to seriousness by the primary commercial broadcaster, ITV, who dedicated their precious nine-o’clock Continue reading

BabyBarista – The pupil’s saving grace – The ICLR online

The latest instalment of BabyBarista featuring the ICLR sees the Head of Chambers shocked but not appalled at the new online service offered by the ICLR. The downloadable PDFs really are handy and just a few clicks away.   “Young man,” said HeadofChambers rather grandly this morning as he grabbed a pupil by the scruff Continue reading

ICLR at IBA in Dubai (2)

Interest in the ICLR’s new online service has been intense among the delegates at the International Bar Association’s annual conference in Dubai. Lawyers from common law jurisdictions such as Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius, India, Hong Kong and Singapore have been especially keen to take up our offer of a month’s free trial with the benefit of Continue reading

BabyBarista – Prepare for battle with the ICLR case reports…

Don’t be without the correct armour when heading into battle in court. In the words of BabyBarista’s Vamp be sure to “wield the sword of, er, the common law of England and Wales” which, according to BusyBody, must be “Sharpened with the authority of the official law reports from the ICLR”. We couldn’t have put Continue reading