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Law Reporting in a New Media Age

You can now tweet from inside court, the number of legal bloggers (or blawgers) has risen exponentially and most newspapers publish considerably more content in their online editions than they print. Meanwhile, the traditional legal correspondent … Continue reading

An unseemly turf war fought in a monstrous labyrinth

After the many children in need cases reported in recent years, including the trilogy of cases in last month’s PTSR, one might have thought that the courts had drawn the legal frontiers sufficiently clearly to eliminate funding disputes between publ… Continue reading

Carbolic smoke bongs! A revealing post from BabyBarista

Regrets? We’ve all had a few. Especially in our misspent youths. But as the latest post from the BabyBarista blog shows, there are some quite simple steps you can take to remedy even the most embarrassing (professionally speaking) lapses in your past. Chambers were discussing one of the candidates for a third six pupillage today. Continue reading

Practice makes perfect: a good argument deserves the best citation

Some authorities are better than others; and some reports of those authorities are better than others. Don’t take our word for it: the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge has just issued a new practice direction on the matter. It reiterates what a previous Lord Chief Justice, Lord Woolf, said a little over a decade ago Continue reading

Open justice – or least said soonest mended?

We expect our judges to state their opinions in public – when giving judgment in open court. But in a week in which two senior judges have spoken outside court about the dangers of, er, judges speaking outside court, we should perhaps reflect on the other side of the same coin: the dangers of not Continue reading

Children in need

This month’s edition of PTSR includes a trilogy of Court of Appeal decisions concerning various aspects of a local authority’s duties under the Children Act 1989 to children in need. All in the Public and Third Sector Law Reports, providing the best coverage of charity and public law cases. R (O) v East Riding of Continue reading

Libel reform: freedom, censorship and debate

The stories that matter are the ones that go unheard. The threat of censorship is nothing new, but if we think that by living in a free country, with the right of free speech guaranteed by the article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, we don’t need to worry about censorship, then we Continue reading

Avoid the imposter syndrome with the ICLR online

You’re a pupil, about to embark on your second six months. You’ve finally earned the right to appear in court on behalf of a client. You’ve got your first brief. Nervous? You should be. “The problem is,” as one of the pupils depicted in the latest BabyBarista blog puts it, “that I’ll feel like a Continue reading