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BabyBarista: In the dock for failing to use @TheICLR

I had a terrible dream last night in which I was standing in the dock in my wig and gown and looking up at a terrifying judge (I won’t mention who he was) as he boomed down his judgment from on high. “BabyBarista, you have been found guilty of the heinous crime of failing to Continue reading

Daniel Hoadley’s Article for The Guardian

One of ICLR’s finest Daniel Hoadley @danhlawreporter made front page of the Guardian yesterday with his article on the intriguing Hans Rausing case. To bury or not to bury…appears to be the more here.… Continue reading

Wake up to ICLR email alerts

Would you like a weekly update on all the cases ICLR has published in the last week?Would you like to know which recent cases have been the subject of a free WLR (D) case summary accessible from any page on our portal or from the main law page of the G… Continue reading

BabyBarista – Barristers always judge a book by its cover

OldSmoothie was lecturing the pupils at chambers tea today. “Remember this in all things and you can’t go far wrong: always judge a book by its cover.” “Don’t you mean that you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover?” interrupted BusyBody. “Quite the opposite. Appearance not only matters but is a good indication as Continue reading

Court Napping

Court cases can be dramatic and riveting; but all too often they turn out to be rather dull and may prompt more than simply an idle yawn or drooping lid. Continue reading

Law Reporting in a New Media Age

You can now tweet from inside court, the number of legal bloggers (or blawgers) has risen exponentially and most newspapers publish considerably more content in their online editions than they print. Meanwhile, the traditional legal correspondent … Continue reading

An unseemly turf war fought in a monstrous labyrinth

After the many children in need cases reported in recent years, including the trilogy of cases in last month’s PTSR, one might have thought that the courts had drawn the legal frontiers sufficiently clearly to eliminate funding disputes between publ… Continue reading