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The ICLR at the IBA in Dublin (3)

The 20 per cent discount on all ICLR products being offered to delegates at the International Bar Association’s annual conference in Dublin has been proving very popular with the delegates stopping by at our stand in the exhibition hall.We have two dem… Continue reading

The ICLR at the IBA in Dublin (2)

The fact that Dublin has been flooded with five thousand lawyers attending the IBA annual conference has not escaped the notice of our taxi drivers. To a man they are, or believe themselves to be, the soul of wit (though not always with the proverbial … Continue reading

The ICLR at the IBA in Dublin

English case law has, by virtue of its persuasive standing in other common law jurisdictions, an appealing quality for many of the five thousand odd delegates at the International Bar Association’s annual conference. The fact that the ICLR is offe… Continue reading

BabyBarista – Big cats at the Bar

An older barrister was in chambers this morning questioning HeadClerk about why he hadn’t had any decent briefs in the last few months. “Very sad to see,” whispered OldSmoothie. “He used to be the very best there was but for whatever reason, solicitors have more recently looked elsewhere.” “Reminds me of the roar of a Continue reading

The ICLR on vacation (2) – Lex Americana

What are the sources of American law?One of them, obviously, is English law. But, as these images from the front elevation of a Los Angeles courthouse show, it’s not the only one. Here are the three individual sources, as represented by those stat… Continue reading

BabyBarista: The key to winning – with @TheICLR online

Two of the pupils had raised the question today as to what it is that really wins a case. “Not hiring TheCreep is a good start,” said BusyBody. “I always make a point of hiring OldSmoothie when UpTights is on the other side. With his arrogance and pomposity he never fails to press her buttons,” Continue reading

The ICLR on vacation (1) – The art of law

Depictions of the English legal system in art are rather less common than, say, its appearances in legal dramas or novels. This is surprising, given the opportunities it affords for the study of human nature in crisis. The explanation may have somethin… Continue reading

BabyBarista: In the dock for failing to use @TheICLR

I had a terrible dream last night in which I was standing in the dock in my wig and gown and looking up at a terrifying judge (I won’t mention who he was) as he boomed down his judgment from on high. “BabyBarista, you have been found guilty of the heinous crime of failing to Continue reading

Daniel Hoadley’s Article for The Guardian

One of ICLR’s finest Daniel Hoadley @danhlawreporter made front page of the Guardian yesterday with his article on the intriguing Hans Rausing case. To bury or not to bury…appears to be the more here.… Continue reading