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Supreme Court judgments on YouTube

The Supreme Court is now giving judgments in the most open court imaginable: the court of public opinion, otherwise known as YouTube.  As of today, the Supreme Court is making available a collection of 25 video summaries of its judgments given last term, between October and December 2012, on its own dedicated YouTube channel, UKSupremeCourt. Continue reading

Wake up to ICLR Case Law Updates

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Fair Trial of Foul?

Anyone who has been following the news from India will be horrified by the appalling case of the female student who died after being gang-raped by five men on a bus in Delhi. The case has caused outrage both at home and abroad, not least because it does not appear to have been an isolated Continue reading

1953: A year to remember

This year marks the diamond jubilee of the Weekly Law Reports, which were launched in 1953 with a mission to provide a general series of full text law reports that would be “unsurpassed for completeness”. Continue reading

BabyBarista – Introducing LiggerLawyer

“Have you ever come across a young barrister who seemed to crash every drinks party in the whole of EC4 this Christmas season,” asked BusyBody today. “Ah, so you’ve met LiggerLawyer,” smiled TheVamp. “She’s like the worst kind of Z-list celebrity who would go along to the opening of a briefcase if she’d been invited Continue reading

YouTube if you want to, the law is not for turning (into a joke)

You read it here first: ICLR Encounters 3, featuring Tim Kevan, Gary Slapper and Alex Williams, “Making Light of the Law“, is now available on video, courtesy of YouTube. The 30 minutes of seamlessly edited highlights include: Gary Slapper, author of “Weird Cases“, recounting the tale of a man who was prosecuted and fined for Continue reading

Close Encounters of the Third Kind: the law, a funny old business

Though law is a serious matter, our perception of it is at least partially informed by humorous incidents. And often it is only by making fun of the law that a serious point can be made about its failings. These were among the observations which emerged from the third of the ICLR Encounters, Making Light of Continue reading

Sponsored post: Making Light of the Law @TheICLR

“I hear that the ICLR is hosting a seminar entitled Making Light of the Law,” said TheCreep the other day. “Ha! Now that’s a challenge,” said UpTights. “In my view, there is nothing, and I repeat, absolutely and utterly nothing whatsoever light or indeed funny about the law.” “Except for the lawyers, that is,” said TheBusker Continue reading

Judges on strike: could it happen here?

Judges in Egypt have threatened to go on strike in protest against a decree, issued by new president Mohammed Mursi, the terms of which place the president above any law and declare that his decisions cannot be challenged. According to reports from the International Business Times, the decree purports to give the president immunity from Continue reading

The BAILII lecture: No Judgment, No Justice

For justice to be seen to be done, judgments given in open court must be accessible in two senses. They must be clearly written so that a reasonably well informed member of the public can understand what is being decided. But they must also be available to the public, and in this sense their accessibility Continue reading