Old Father TimeAn older barrister was in chambers this morning questioning HeadClerk about why he hadn’t had any decent briefs in the last few months.

“Very sad to see,” whispered OldSmoothie. “He used to be the very best there was but for whatever reason, solicitors have more recently looked elsewhere.”

“Reminds me of the roar of a dying lion,” said UpTights.

“It will come to us all,” said OldSmoothie. “The only question is when.”

“That’s if the bar even survives all the changes that are going on,” said UpTights.

“Ah, the paranoia of the bar,” said TheBusker. “You know, I overheard one of the more junior members of chambers turning down a three thousand pound brief the other day because they’re felling a little tired and wanted a week away in Barbados. If we’re talking animals, it reminded me of a spoilt little kitten licking itself after having already  had its fill of cream.”

“Yes, that’s all very well until they start to realise that there are more kittens coming up behind them starting to steal that cream,” said BusyBody.

“But surely there’s enough to go round for everybody,” said one of the pupils.

“Ah, the innocence of youth,” said HeadofChambers.

“You arrive at the Bar,” said UpTights looking a little manic, “and fight to build a practice against other barristers doing just the same. Then once you’ve done that you cling onto it for as long as you possibly can. The one day, you wake up and wonder what on earth all the nonsense was all about.”

“Well, the young grow old as surely as lawyers get rich,” said OldRuin. “But one thing which has remained a constant throughout is the quality of the ICLR and I have to admit that despite my occasional difficulties with technology, I’m thoroughly enjoying using the ICLR Online.”