From case law to blog and back again: user tips on navigating the integrated ICLR website

Our new ICLR.3 website offers a one-stop resource for both case law and the legal news and commentary on our blog. Here’s a quick guide to finding your way from one to the other on the site, and some frequently asked questions about our website content.

I’m on the home page: how do I find the blog?

This is the home page. It shows recently uploaded content in the form of “mini cards”, which are colour coded by topic or practice area. You can filter by practice area on the left, or use the main search box to type in a case name or citation (close matches will be suggested) or a short string of text.

This is the page where you start your search for case law.

But if what you really wanted was to browse the latest blog posts, then click the down arrow next to “ICLR” in the top right corner, next to the log in button / username display.

This opens a mega-menu showing the various options, including “Blog”.

The main page of the Blog includes these items:

You will see that here, too, there are “mini cards” for newly uploaded content, as well as four main headings across the top (underneath the main header of the page).

Commentary covers case comments, articles about specific legal issues and legislation.

Legal Profession covers everything about the judiciary, legal professions and the training of lawyers.

News and Events covers both ICLR’s own news, and the numerous events in which ICLR is involved, such as mooting, conferences and sponsorship.

Weekly Notes is our popular current awareness roundup, presented each week during the law terms, with copious links to sources of further information.

In addition, there are categories for Reviews (of books, plays and TV shows featuring legal matters) and an Archive of older or miscellaneous content. You can access these categories via the box on the right.

Can I search the blog?

Not yet, on this site. It’s coming. We only launched the whole platform recently and there are a few more final touches to be completed. We’re also responding to some of the feedback we’ve already received, to ensure the service is as useful as it can be to anyone who wants to use it. You can easily add your own comments, using the green Feedback tab on the right hand side of the home page screen.

I’m on the blog pages: how do I look for a case?

No worries. Whether you wandered over to the blog or some other part of the website from the case law zone or just got here via a link to a blog or a google search, you can quickly and easily find your way to the ICLR.3 case law home page by clicking on the word “ICRL.3” (top right) or the main ICLR seal in the top left of the screen, or just click on Home.

What about other information about ICLR?

As well as the blog, there are sections here called Knowledge (designed to contain static information about law, the courts and related topics), the Products we sell (including hard copy law reports, indexes and books) and information About the company and how to Contact us. Not all the information designed for these pages has been added yet. Much of it will be transferred from the old website, and more (much more) will be added. Watch this space.

There’s something I used to see / link to / find on your old site. Where is it now?

If there’s a particular article or blog post that you can’t now find, or you get a frustrating 404 (not found) page, please get in touch via and we’ll do our best to help. If necessary, we’ll repost it as a temporary blog post so you can access it.

Here is a list of explicit links to some of our most popular articles and blog posts: 

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  2. Law and Morality: the debate goes on
  3. McKenzie Friends: a litigant’s guide 
  4. Fighting for justice: “let right be done” — The dramatic case of The Winslow Boy 
  5. What’s the difference between a law report and a transcript? 
Paul MagrathPaul is Head of Product Development and Online Content at ICLR - the leading supplier of law reports for England and Wales.
Paul Magrath

Paul is Head of Product Development and Online Content at ICLR - the leading supplier of law reports for England and Wales.

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