Wake up to ICLR email alerts

Posted on 16th Jul 2012 in Law Reporting

Would you like a weekly update on all the cases ICLR has published in the last week?

Would you like to know which recent cases have been the subject of a free WLR (D) case summary accessible from any page on our portal or from the main law page of the Guardian and the Inner Temple Current Awareness Blog?

And when those cases are eventually reported in full, with a carefully crafted headnote, lists of cases cited, judgment as approved by the judge and the whole thing subjected to our time-honoured system of checking, wouldn’t it be nice to know that they are now ready to read and download?

And for those cases that are included in The Law Reports and must, by virtue of the Practice Direction on Citation of Authorities [2012] 1 WLR 780, be preferred to any other citation, shouldn’t you be in the best position to access the approved version and print out the best PDF for your court bundle?

Well, it’s all possible now thanks to the ICLR’s smart new weekly email alerting service.

Here’s how it looks:


To get this every week, all you need to do is register, now, on our website, and check the box marked Email alerts before entering your password.

Or, if you already have an account with ICLR, go to My Account / Change Login / Alerts and check the box there. (We’re obliged to assume you didn’t want this unless and until you positively chose it, which is why you won’t get it automatically.)

Having set your account up to receive them, you should get an email every Tuesday.

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