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ICLR.3 Coming Soon

In August 2017 we will be releasing the most significant upgrade to ICLR Online since we launched the platform in October 2011. ICLR.3 introduces a raft of improvements, all of which have been designed to make the platform more useful and intuitive.

There are significant changes coming to the service and we encourage you to read through the following sneak preview to familiarise yourself with the changes to come.


ICLR’s vast archive of official law reports dating back to 1865 sits at the heart of ICLR.3. We’ve expanded our collection to provide you with greater breadth and depth of case law coverage:

  • The Weekly Law Reports have been expanded for the first time since their creation in 1953 to cover a wider range of new case law, making it the most comprehensive and current series of English case law report available anywhere.
  • All Judgment transcripts for all cases decided in the Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal since 1998 will be available alongside our collection of reported case law.
  • All new judgments on BAILII are comprehensively indexed, as are all the leading English series of law reports, including the All England Law Reports, the Criminal Appeal Reports, Family Law Reports and Lloyd’s Law Reports.


ICLR.3 ushers in an all-new search built upon Government-grade search technology used by the BBC, Raytheon and the US Defence Intelligence Agency:

  • Omni-search allows you to perform searches on case name, citation, free text and subject matter, all from a single search field.
  • Assisted search suggests relevant search terms as you enter your query, helping you to craft the most targeted search strategy without having to enter all of the terms yourself.
  • Saved search lets you store specific search queries for later use, making it easier to systematically stay up to date on developments on a legal topic or case you’re interested in.

Faceted results

Zero in on the search results that matter most to your research. ICLR.3 enables you to narrow down your search results by reference to legal topic, date range, court and document type.

Clear overview of case citator information

Our new index card display opens up to show in a single, multi-column prospectus:

  • Court, date of judgment and list of citations for each hearing
  • Legal topic, subject matter catchwords and appellate history of the case
  • Earlier cases and legislation materially considered in each hearing
  • Subsequent consideration by later cases and commentary on the case

Citator overviews can be fully expanded or collapsed out of sight when viewing case report content and can be downloaded and printed as PDFs.

Current awareness

Stay up to date with our daily feed of new case law. All new judgment transcripts, case summaries and law reports are conveniently displayed, colour-coded by their subject matter.


Customise ICLR.3 to show you the content that matters to you.


We’ve made it much easier for you to share content with others, whether it’s through social media or links in your own content and knowledge centres.

Easy-reading document display

Case reports and legislation appear centre-stage in a clear, uncluttered display that offers:

  • Table of contents to help you navigate to particular elements with the case report or legislation
  • Unbroken scrollable display of document in new fonts designed to improve your reading experience
  • Approved PDF version of every reported case, which can be saved and printing without leaving the reading view

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