The Weekly Law ReportsPublished since 1953, the Weekly Law Reports are the most comprehensive and up to date general series of reports for England and Wales.

Covering in excess of 400 cases a year, The Weekly Law Reports covers more cases than any other general series of reports.

Volume 1 cases cover procedural matters and points of law of general interest.

Volumes 2 and 3 contain cases which are of greater long term significance which will subsequently appear in a revised version (with additional material) in The Law Reports.

Volume 4 was introduced in 2016 as an online-only expansion of The Weekly Law Reports and extends coverage to include cases that illustrate the application of existing principles to particular factual situations or helpfully bring together and summarise established principles as well as providing deeper coverage of family law, shipping, sentencing and awards of general damages. Volume 4 cases are available on ICLR Online.

The WLR Bound Volume Service includes delivery of the 46 weekly paper parts as well as the separate bound volumes at the end of the year.

Subscribers also receive The Law Reports Annual Index supplement once a year. Also known as the “Pink Book” it lists and cross-references the latest cases published in a range of leading reports, not just those published by ICLR.

ICLR OnlineThe Weekly Law Reports are now available on ICLR Online as an individual subscription or as part of the ICLR Online full suite. Benefit today from instant access for full text reports, PDFs, case notes, free Case Summaries, free email alerting service and our powerful Citator+ tools. More information.

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