The Law ReportsThe Law Reports are the official series of Reports cited in the High Court and Court of Appeal.

Published since 1865, The Law Reports are widely regarded as the most authoritative series of law reports for England and Wales.

As the official series they should be cited in preference to any other reports of the same case.

Produced monthly our new consolidated Law Report part brings together all of the four subdivisions, from the Queen’s Bench (QB), Chancery (Ch) and Family (Fam) Divisions of the High Court and Court of Appeal, references to the European Court of Justice, and Appeal Cases (AC) heard in the UK Supreme Court and Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and offers detailed coverage of the leading cases and appeals from these courts.

The distinctive benefit of The Law Reports is that the case reports normally include a summary of counsel’s argument, prepared by the reporter who attended the hearing, and approved by counsel prior to publication.

The Law Reports Bound Volume Service includes monthly delivery of paper parts as well as separate bound volumes for AC, QB, Ch and Family Divisions at the end of the year.

ICLR OnlineThe Law Reports are now available on ICLR Online as an individual subscription or as part of the ICLR Online full suite. Benefit today from instant access for full text reports, PDFs, case notes, free Case Summaries, free email alerting service and our powerful Citator+ tools. More information.

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The Law Reports Complete Set

The Law Reports Complete Set

The Law Reports Complete Set provides a series of reports covering all the important English cases reported since 1865. Now containing over 753 hard cover volumes, this is an essential tool for any legal research library.

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