The Consolidated IndexAlso known as the ‘Red Book’, The Consolidated Index to Leading Law Reports is a unique research tool and an indispensable work of reference. Any important case since 1951, when the series began, may quickly and easily be found by reference to its name, subject matter, or to any significant cases or legislation considered in the judgment.

As well as The ICLR’s own publications, the Red Book indexes the All England Law Reports; All England Commercial Cases; All England European Cases; the Criminal Appeal Reports; Lloyd’s Law Reports; Local Government Reports; Road Traffic Reports; Tax Cases and Simon’s Tax Cases.

Bound volumes of the Consolidated Index are available for each of the decades 1951-60, 1961-70; 1971-80; 1981-90 and 1991-2000, and for the half-decades 2001-2005 and 2006-2010. The most recent decisions are listed in the annual supplement known as the “Annual Index” or “Pink Book”, available free with a subscription to the Weekly Law Reports.

ICLR OnlineThe contents of the Consolidated Index (Red Book) are also available as part of our powerful Citator+  toolkit on ICLR Online, whether by way of individual series subscription or the Full Suite. Benefit today from instant access to full text law reports, court-ready PDFs, Case Notes updated daily, free WLR (D) case summaries, free email alerting service and tools such as our unique Briefcase function. More information.

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