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Free the law

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting was established to fulfil a single, core mission: to consistently and authoritatively monitor, explain and disseminate new law-changing cases.

Over 150 years on from our founding and untrammelled by the constraints of print publishing, we are building on that original mission by launching an all new Open Law platform that combines ICLR’s expert legal draftsmanship and curation with the power of Big Data.

Free access to a vast collection of case law

Judgments handed down in the Court of Appeal, Administrative Court and other divisions of the High Court from 2000 to the present day are available to all, free of charge. In addition, we’re opening up ICLR’s index of leading case law dating back to 1865 for the very first time.

Intuitive, Google-style searching

Merely publishing a large amount of legal material and making it freely available isn’t enough: the search engine behind the content needs to be powerful and forgiving. The full power of our subscription service search engine is available in front of the paywall. Search by case name, citation, judge, subject matter and free text from a single search box that makes suggestions as you type.

Overnight case summaries

Case summaries that explain the key facts and legal holdings are produced for every case of interest and value are available within 24 hours of judgment and are written by the same reporters who produce reports for The Law Reports and The Weekly Law Reports.


Customise ICLR.3 to show you the content that matters to you.


We’ve made it much easier for you to share content with others, whether it’s through social media or links in your own content and knowledge centres.

Easy-reading document display

Case reports and legislation appear centre-stage in a clear, uncluttered display that offers:

  • Table of contents to help you navigate to particular elements within the judgment or legislation
  • Unbroken scrollable display of document in new fonts designed to improve your reading experience

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