February 1865 1st meeting of (newly formed) The Council of Law Reporting   November 1865 Council’s first law reports published at the cost of 5 guineas per year


1866 The Weekly Notes began publishing as a mini series of additional cases that were not to be included as full reports. These included case summaries, cases of interest, legal lists and notices, exam results and even adverts for Dickens’ novels!


1867 the Council is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee and becomes The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales


Serjeants’ Inn   1941 Serjeants’ Inn (where since 1938 ICLR had its offices) bombed by Mr Hitler’s Luftwaffe – the ICLR seal was discovered in the wreckage.


The Weekly Law Reports   1953 The Weekly Law Reports series began – the major aim of this series was to make available more quickly full law reports and expand the coverage to include more generalist cases.


The Industrial Cases Rports   1972: ICLR The Industrial Cases Reports launched

1999 – 2000

1999-2000 the Weekly Law Reports Daily (WLR D) free Case Summary service was launched in response to the increasing demand for quick up to date information.


2007 Bus LR The Business Law Reports launched


2009 PTSR The Public and Third Sector Reports launched.


ICLR seal   2011 ICLR rebranded – introducing the new look logo with the company seal. This formally launched the umbrella now known as ICLR rather than the lengthy Incorporated Council of Law Reporting. It also linked the product brands ‘The Law Reports’ and ‘The Weekly Law Reports’ to its owners.


2011 the launch of the new website www.iclr.co.uk and the launch of ICLR Online.

ICLR Online

ICLR OnlineICLR Online is the hub of legal authorities dating back to 1865. A dedicated case law platform presenting the cases that matter in a comprehensive and readable format. Dynamic links aid navigation through documents in HTML and PDF formats.

We combine our law reports with our powerful Citator+ index cards to present all the relevant case information in one screen, making legal research easier than ever. All ICLR judgments are triple checked for accuracy and presented with absolute clarity. More information.

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