Introduction by Paul Magrath

The Special IssueThis collection of 10 landmark cases has been published to mark the relaunch this year of The Law Reports and The Weekly Law Reports in a new format for the 21st century, and to celebrate the achievements of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales since its inception, nearly 146 years ago now. They were chosen from a long list of nearly 50 cases nominated by the Council’s own reporters. Naturally, it was impossible to include in a single issue more than a limited selection of the most popular ones, let alone to do justice to the range of subject matter and courts covered by the Council’s publications in the course of its history. But we hoped to reflect in the final choice some idea both of the continuing relevance of certain older cases and of the consistency of our approach over the years.

The publication of this special issue also offers an opportunity to stand back a little and reflect on the reasons why the Council was set up in the first place, to see how conditions in which it operates have changed, and to consider whether and to what extent it still fulfills its original purposes.

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