Annual Mooting Competition

ICLR MootingWe are dedicated to helping students develop their mooting skills and therefore hold an Annual Mooting Competition for undergraduate law students and CPE students affiliated to a University Law College in England and Wales.

The main objective of the competition is to encourage the advocacy skills of future practitioners, by encouraging the use of case law by students within a practical environment. Precedent set through cases heard in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, Privy Council and the High Courts, is second only to legislation in our legal system. Consequently it is vital that the practitioners of tomorrow are familiar with and understand how to use law reports in their legal careers. It is also becoming increasingly important that all students, not just those with the intention of pursuing a career at the bar, develop advocacy skills and confidence in their ability to argue legal points in a courtroom environment.

Wherever possible The Law Reports should be cited in preference to other reports, as they are the most authoritative and the official reports to the courts. The majority of our reporters are barristers although we do have a growing number of solicitors who have joined us in the past couple of years. Our reporters are required to be present in court for every case they report and the reports are subsequently sent to the Judges concerned prior to publication.

Due to our strong educational policy and position as a registered charity The ICLR are delighted to be supporting and administering this mooting competition. That said this competition wouldn’t be possible without the support of The Law Society Charity.

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