Swets Information Services B.V. granted bankruptcy status by a court in Amsterdam

On 23 September 2014, Swets Information Services B.V. filed and was granted bankruptcy status by a court in Amsterdam.
On 9 October 2014 Swets Information Services Ltd, the UK subsidiary, was also placed in administration.

Please be assured that we are actively working to minimise the impact of this situation on our customers and to ensure that any live subscriptions to ICLR products are not disrupted.

The role of Swets as a subscription agent is to consolidate orders for multiple publishers on our customers’ behalf, including orders for ICLR products. In light of the current financial and legal status of Swets, we recommend that our customers seek an alternative provider.

If you would prefer to use a subscription agent, please review the website of the Association of Subscription Agents & Intermediaries: www.subscription-agents.org

If you have any concerns or queries regards your current ICLR subscription please contact us and we can ensure that you have no break to service whether you choose an alternative agent to order through or come direct to ICLR.