ICLR Online – platform maintenance

Posted on 6th Dec 2016 in ICLR News, User Tips

We have been working behind the scenes to improve the stability and flexibility of the ICLR Online platform. This is being done in part to cope with massively increased demand, particularly in overseas jurisdictions, and also because we wished to replace our existing (now quite old) fixed servers with a more flexible cloud-based server system.


The transition should not cause any disruption to service, but if you experience problems getting into ICLR, it might be browser-related.

  1. Try closing the browser completely, then open it again before logging back on to ICLR.

  2. If this fails, try clearing your cache as well.

If you can get into ICLR Online but the display now looks different or wrong, it may because your browser, or the Windows operating system, is displaying content at too large a text size. You can adjust the “zoom” in browsers (the display is optimised for 100% but on some screens it may be advisable to change this to, say, 80%) and you can adjust the Windows “display” size in the Control Panel utility.

If you continue to experience problems, contact us via our technical help email address: enquiries@iclr.co.uk