ICLR at IBA in Boston

Posted on 8th Oct 2013 in ICLR News

The ICLR team is currently in Boston, Mass. attending the annual conference of the International Bar Association. This is one of our favourite legal events, and we make sure to attend each year to show from our stand in the exhibition hall the superior features of ICLR Online, as well as samples of our print products.

Boston stand 5The IBA describes itself as “the global voice of the legal profession” and the four and a half thousand delegates attending this event come from all round the world. Those congregating round our stand come chiefly from the common law jurisdictions, notably the African nations of Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and Zimbabwe, as well as Australia, Canada, India and Singapore, and of course the United States of America. But we have also had inquiries from delegates from Lithuania, Norway, Austria, Chile, Brazil and many other countries. The increasing globalisation of law, and the growth of arbitration in London and other forms of alternative dispute resolution makes English law a matter of general interest and value, and English law reports a resource of widening interest and value.

To mark the conference, delegates have been offered a SPECIAL DISCOUNT. Come to our stand (No 9 in the hall) to learn more.

But it’s not all work. The conference is also a place to meet socially with colleagues, friends from other legal publishing businesses, and customers new and old. Here is the ICLR team all dressed up for the opening night party, which took place Sunday evening at the Museum of Fine Arts.

IBA Team 2013We had a chance to view some of the magnificent paintings and sculptures on display, as well as relaxing to the sound of a jazz band somewhat incongruously dressed as lawyers.

On Monday we were the guests of Transperfect Legal Solutions, who hosted a party at the Skywalk Observatory on top of the Prudential Tower. The views were magnificent, and the party ended up with a serious bop. If you’ve never seen lawyers dancing, you’ll be surprised how energetic they can be, and in some cases how expert. Billable hours must have been squandered on practising. The mind boggles, even as the body wiggles. (Video footage has however, been superinjuncted, so you didn’t even read this.)