ICLR Case Law Alert – 25 February 2015

Posted on 25th Feb 2015 in Law Reporting

WLR Daily Case Summaries

The following new case summaries were published by ICLR this week. These are free to view.

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Care proceedings – Confidential information

In re Z (Children) (DNA Profiles: Disclosure), CA [2015] WLR(D) 76


Sovereign immunity – Diplomatic immunity

Al-Malki v Reyes (Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs intervening), CA [2015] WLR(D) 75


Wales – Devolution issue

In re Recovery of Medical Costs for Asbestos Diseases (Wales) Bill, SC[2015] WLR(D) 67


Liberty – Interference with

Zenati v Comr of Police of the Metropolis , CA [2015] WLR(D) 74


Refusal of entry – Family members

AP (India) v Secretary of State for the Home Department , CA [2015] WLR(D) 72


Funding – Publicly funded work

R (London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association ) v Lord Chancellor, DC[2015] WLR(D) 78


Community care services – Persons in need of care and attention

R (Kent County Council) v Secretary of State for Health, CA [2015] WLR(D) 68


Anonymity order – Approval of settlement of personal injury claim

JX MX v Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust (Personal Injury Bar Association intervening), CA [2015] WLR(D) 77


Tribunals – First-tier and Upper Tribunals

Clavis Liberty Fund LPI v Revenue and Customs Comrs , UT [2015] WLR(D) 69


Non-domestic rates – Valuation

SJ & J Monk v Newbigin, CA [2015] WLR(D) 70


Income tax – Profits of trade

Eclipse Film Partners No 35 LPP v Revenue and Customs Comrs , CA[2015] WLR(D) 71


Value added tax – Assessment

Investment Trust Companies (in liquidation) v Revenue and Customs Comrs, CA [2015] WLR(D) 73


Case Reports

The following full text series law reports were published by ICLR this week.

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Letter of credit – Injunction to restrain bank

Alternative Power Solution Ltd v Central Electricity Board, PC [2015] 1 WLR 697

Data protection

Legal protection of databases – Limitation on rights of users

Ryanair Ltd v PR Aviation BV, ECJ [2015] Bus LR 117

Data protection

Personal data – Processing

YS v Minister voor Immigratie, Integratie en Asiel, ECJ [2015] 1 WLR 609


Wales – Devolution issue

In re Medical Costs for Asbestos Diseases (Wales) Bill, SC(E) [2015] 2 WLR 481

European Union

Freedom of movement – Right to reside

Ben Alaya v Germany, ECJ [2015] 1 WLR 656

European Union

Practice – European order for payment

eco cosmetics GmbH v Dupuy, ECJ [2015] 1 WLR 678

European Union

Public procurement – Contract award procedure

Cartiera dell’Adda SpA v CEM Ambiente SpA, ECJ [2015] PTSR 176

Human rights

Respect for private and family life – Interference with

R (Bright) v Justice Secretary, CA [2015] 1 WLR 723


Deportation order – Detention pending deportation

R (O) v Home Secretary, CA [2015] 1 WLR 641


Judgment debt – Award

Novoship (UK) Ltd v Mikhaylyuk, CA [2015] 2 WLR 526

Local government

Ombudsman – Jurisdiction

R (ER) v Comr for Local Administration, CA [2015] PTSR D3


Development – Consent order

R (An Taisce) v Energy Secretary, CA [2015] PTSR 189


Enforcement notice – Breach

R v Hussain, CA [2015] PTSR D7


Planning permission – Planning obligation

R (Robert Hitchins Ltd) v Worcestershire CC, QBD [2015] PTSR D5


Planning permission – Refusal

San Vicente v Secretary of State, CA [2015] PTSR D9


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