Content Enhancements coming to ICLR Online this winter

Posted on 8th Dec 2015 in ICLR News

Three major developments are coming to ICLR Online this winter desiged to dramatically increase the breadth of ICLR’s case law coverage.

It has been a busy year for ICLR’s development team. During the summer, we released a package of significant enhancements to ICLR Online designed to broaden the range of available content and to deliver functional improvements to your ICLR Online research experience. These developments included:

  • The ability to search the statute book inside ICLR Online by incorporating The National Archive collection into our online platform.
  • Enabling you to seamlessly browse through all of ICLR’s series of reports, which date back to 1865.
  • The introduction of detailed research session history tracking.

We are now pleased to announce a further suite of enhancements that have been designed to dramatically expand the quantity and breadth of content at your fingertips in ICLR Online.

Comprehensive coverage of all judgments given in the Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal

ICLR Online Transcripts

On 9 December 2015, we will be releasing the first in a series of content developments: comprehensive forward coverage of all handed down and ex tempore judgments given in the Admininstrative Court and both divisions of the Court of Appeal.

In addition to the judgments being searchable and browsable using ICLR Online’s case law retrieval tool, the twenty most recently delivered judgments will be listed on a handy feed on the ICLR Online dashboard.

These transcripts will take over from the ICLR Case Notes series, which offered short summaries of selected unreported decisions.

Comprehensive case law indexing in Citator+

Ever since ICLR Online launched in the autumn of 2011, Citator+, ICLR Online’s index of case law, has been at the centre of the online platform. Citator+ allows you to call up detailed, reliable and authoritative index information about every case reported by ICLR and by third party publishers in other leading series of reports, such as The All England Law Reports, The Criminal Appeal Reports and Lloyd’s Law Reports.

As of 9 December 2015, the Citator+ index will capture information about every case decided by the Administrative Court and the Court of Appeal. Moreover, to ensure that Citator+ is as comprehensive as possible, it will also comprehensively index all higher court decisions published on the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) website.

Major expansion to The Weekly Law Reports

The Weekly Law Reports entered circulation in 1953 to provide fast and accurate reporting of all law-changing decisions across all practice areas. Over the last 62 years, The Weekly Law Reports have deservedly earned the reputation as the most authoritative and compendious account on English judicial decision making.

In January 2016, ICLR will launch a major expansion to The Weekly Law Reports in the form of an online-only extended volume of cases. The extended volume will build on the coverage already provided by the printed edition of The Weekly Law Reports by giving us the ability to dramatically increase the number of cases covered free of the constraints of print.

The purpose of this expansion is to give you access to reports of more of the cases you need in practice or in study. As with all of ICLR’s law reports, this extended coverage will include expertly drafted headnotes to pinpoint the important facts and decisions, and will be thoroughly edited to ensure accuracy.

We believe that these important developments will benefit all researchers of English law, regardless of their subject matter speciality. However, we anticipate particular benefits for those practising in the fields of criminal, family, insurance and shipping law.

For more information on these developments and others, keep an eye on the ICLR blog or contact us.