Carbolic smoke bongs! A revealing post from BabyBarista

Posted on 30th Mar 2012 in BabyBarista

BusyBody.jpgRegrets? We’ve all had a few. Especially in our misspent youths. But as the latest post from the BabyBarista blog shows, there are some quite simple steps you can take to remedy even the most embarrassing (professionally speaking) lapses in your past.

Chambers were discussing one of the candidates for a third six pupillage today.
“He’s by far and away the best-qualified of the applicants,” said OldSmoothie.
“I completely agree,” said UpTights. “But we do have one more issue to check over.” She looked over at HeadClerk. “What are the results of our social media vetting?”
“Er, well…” HeadClerk squirmed awkwardly.

Remember, a candidate for pupillage must not only be the best, he or she must be SEEN to be the best. Take care with your privacy settings, now…