Avoid the imposter syndrome with the ICLR online

Posted on 1st Mar 2012 in BabyBarista

TheBusker.jpgYou’re a pupil, about to embark on your second six months. You’ve finally earned the right to appear in court on behalf of a client. You’ve got your first brief. Nervous? You should be.

“The problem is,” as one of the pupils depicted in the latest BabyBarista blog puts it, “that I’ll feel like a complete fraud. I mean, people have this image of barristers being all so well-qualified and everything and in actual fact I’ll have absolutely no idea what’s going on at all.”

This is what’s called “imposter syndrome”. Only one thing can save the day: a thorough knowledge of all those really crucial precedents to support your client’s case. Or as TheBusker puts it, “Always take along the ICLR online case reports. Not only does it win over even the most pompous of bullying judges but it also acts as a great comfort blanket.”

TheBusker looked at them reassuringly before adding, “So remember, you’ll never feel like an imposter with your ICLR cases at the ready.”

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