British Legal Week in China


In response to an invitation from the Great Britain China Centre, the ICLR was one of a number of publishers who contributed books and other materials for an exhibition at the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) museum in Beijing earlier this year. The exhibition was held to mark British Legal Week in China, as part of the Third Annual UK-China Judicial Roundtable, led by UK Supreme Court President Lord Neuberger and Chinese Supreme People’s Court President Zhou Qiang.

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Book review: The Heirs of Owain Glyndŵr by Peter Murphy

Paul Magrath reviews a mesmerising new courtroom thriller in which Peter Murphy’s ambitious barrister hero Ben Schroeder takes on a challenging case involving a Welsh nationalist bomb plot. All the details of barristerial life, the rules of ethics and evidence, and the courtroom procedure appropriate for the 1960s period setting are pitch perfect. Yet is also raises very contemporary questions about the roots of radicalism, the motivation for terrorism and the conduct of the security services in combatting it.

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Pupillage Applications: Surviving Rejection

Legal Profession

Sophia Stapleton, winner of the inaugural ICLR Pupillage Award, offers some advice based on her own experience in applying for, and getting, a pupillage.


“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

— Albert Einstein


Getting pupillage can be hard. A rejection does not mean that all chances of pupillage are over, but keeping the motivation to carry on applying is difficult. Here are three things that made my life easier …

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The ICLR Pupillage Award’s first winner: Sophia Stapleton

This is the first year that the ICLR have given a pupillage award, which is worth £12,000 for a barrister, taken on as a pupil in a set of chambers doing mainly publicly funded work, and in receipt of an existing pupil award from those chambers of no more than £14,000. The award was launched last year to mark the 150th Anniversary of ICLR’s foundation in 1865, and its winner in this inaugural year is Sophia Stapleton.

The award …

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Giving a clear and simple judgment: how hard can it be?

Case Comment

Newspaper reports of a judgment released this week have concentrated on the use, by the judge, of an emoji – probably a first in the Senior Courts. But the judgment is far more interesting for the way the judge, Mr Justice Peter Jackson, has written it so that the children caught up in a family case will be able to read and understand it – without any loss of legal clarity and efficacy.

The judgment in Lancashire County Council …

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Law Podcasts: a selection

Podcasts are a great way of keeping up to date with radio programmes about law, but they can also deliver a series of instalments of a longer, more detailed or complex narrative. They’re easy to download and store on a smartphone or other device, using one of the dedicated apps. (I use the Podcasts app on iOS.) This post discusses some of the podcasts on law or crime that I’ve followed over the last couple of years and would …

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