Archbold v Blackstone

Archbold v Blackstone

True. The news that in July a small panel of judges (the Judicial Executive Board) decided that Blackstone’s Criminal Practice should replace Archbold as the standard text in the Crown Court is hardly front-page material. However, it’s precisely the sort of thing a law publisher with a criminal law background like me geeks out on.

The rough gist of the matter is as follows. For time immemorial, the standard commentary on the criminal law has been …

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If music be the food of law, plead on…

The Little Book of Music Law, by Amber Nicole Shavers. Reviewed by Paul Magrath.


As demonstrated by the recent litigation over claims that one of the most famous rock anthems of all time, Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, was partly filched from another song, the opportunities for legal disputes in the world of music are many and varied.

In that case it was also somewhat spooky that the claim was being made from …

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#ALLA2016Conf – Melbourne, here we come! (Updated)

Team ICLR is in Melbourne, Victoria, for the 2016 conference of the Australian Law Librarians’ Association. The conference is being held at the State Library Victoria, from 24 to 26 August and ICLR is happy to be a Silver Sponsor. We’ll be keeping you informed of events via this conference diary, which will appear in reverse date order (new content first).



[Image taken from the State Library of Victoria website.]


Team ICLR …

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Lies, damned lies, and insurance claims

In this guest post, Gillian Palmer examines two recent decisions of the Supreme Court on the question of lies and exaggerations made by a party in the course of making claims for losses covered by insurance.



Sweet Little Lies: Insurance Versloot Dredging v HDI Gerling [2016] UKSC 45[2016] 3 WLR 543[2016] WLR (D) 403, SC (20 July 2016)

Should an action be sanctioned according to …

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#IALL2016 – Oxford, here we come! (Updated)

Team ICLR is in Oxford for the 35th Annual Course of the International Association of Law Librararies. The theme is “Common Law Perspectives in an International Context”. This is our conference diary, which we’ll top up daily (older entries below).

The ICLR team in Oxford is a pair of Pauls – Paul Hastings, Account Manager, and Paul Magrath, Head of Product Development and Online Content. This diary will be updated regularly, with new content going in at the top.


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Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR – 29 July 2016

This week’s roundup of legal news and commentary is the last before the summer recess. Weekly Notes will resume at the start of the next law term in October. Keep an eye on the blog, however, because we’ll still be doing other posts. In the meantime, enjoy a Brexit-free roundup including court modernisation, patents, professional news and a fond farewell to four familiar figures.


Courts The courts of the future Lord Justice Briggs delivered his final report on his …

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