Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR – 25 March 2016

This week’s roundup of legal news and comment concentrates on what’s been happening in the international sphere, from terrorism in Brussels to war crimes in Bosnia, and the targeting of journalists and lawyers elsewhere. But we start with some items from the domestic front.

Policing Private hearings of public inquiry

The so-called “Spycops” inquiry chaired by Lord Justice Pitchford which is looking into the conduct of undercover police officers opened this week, and almost immediately ran …

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Access to and reuse of EU legal information

Report of a one-day conference organised by the Publications Office of the European Union, Brussels, 21 March 2016. Paul Magrath, of ICLR, was there.

“Information is the currency of democracy”, says Tibor Navracsics, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport. He’s quoting Thomas Jefferson, according to Twitter, where the hashtag for this morning’s plenary session is #EULawData4Reuse.

Today we’re not just talking about any old information. We’re talking about legal …

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Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR – 18 March 2016

This week’s budget deficit of legal news and commentary includes a weary resignation and some other stuff. Keep reading. It’s good.

Budget IDS gives Osbo the PIP

As others have no doubt pointed out, the Chancellor, George Osborne, often gives the impression of a blindfolded man attempting to pin the tail of projected growth onto the donkey of the economy. However hoarsely his advisers shout “up a bit” “right a bit”, and so on, he always …

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Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR – 11 March 2016

This week’s selection of legal news and comment includes recent lectures by genuinely top judges Lord Thomas and Lord Neuberger, a review by the NAO of confiscation orders, and reports of some recent legal events.



Three recent lectures on topics of law, the courts and liberty.

Bailii Lecture

“Developing commercial law through the courts” was the subject of the Fourth Bailii Lecture, given this week by the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, at an event hosted …

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Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR – 4 March 2016

This week’s roundup of legal news and comment includes reports on the criminal justice system, a rallying cry for progress and transparency in the family justice system, and the use and abuse of freedom of information.

Criminal justice: reports National Audit Office report

The NAO has reported to the Ministry of Justice on Efficiency in the Criminal Justice System (HC 852) and has found it wanting in a number of respects. Two-thirds of cases do not progress as …

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Book review: Death by Dangerous, by Olly Jarvis

Imagine being accused of something heinous and not knowing whether you did it or not, and not being able to trust anyone to help you find out what really happened and why. That’s the situation John Anderson, a leading prosecutor in Manchester chambers, on the verge of taking silk, finds himself in at the start of Olly Jarvis’ novel, Death by Dangerous. Review by Paul Magrath.

Anderson wakes in hospital to learn that he has been …

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