Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR – 30 October 2015

This week’s legal tricks and illegal treats include a trial of witches, a woman imprisoned in a man’s body, a rapid (but not rushed) review of parliamentary convention, a thin veil of intimidation and a bonfire of other vanities. But first, here’s a seasonal picture of a well seasoned judge:  Salem witch trial latest Witch vexed by warlock wins anti-hex injunction (sort of)

In a tale worthy of Boston Legal at its most surreal, a Salem witch told a judge last …

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Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR – 23 October 2015

This week’s lineup of legal news and views considers diversity in legal careers and promotion, public trust in judges, what happens when they disagree with their betters, and some class and not so classy actions.


Diversity at Law Are legal careers mobility-optimised?

The appointment this week of two women as High Court judges, one of them Asian, stirred up a flurry of congratulatory tweetings, including the following by Law in Action-man Joshua Rozenberg.

There was good news, too, from Northern …

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New: UK Supreme Court links to ICLR case summaries

ICLR reporters covering the UK Supreme Court have always written WLR Daily case summaries of their judgments in advance of the publication of a fully headnoted, checked and edited law report; but now you can link to them in a special feed directly from the Decided Cases page on the Supreme Court’s website:


The links are part of a pilot scheme announced by Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury, President of the Supreme Court, on 6 October …

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Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR – 16 October 2015

This week’s merry-go-roundup of legal news and events includes a U-turning Lord Chancellor, a truanting parent, a litigious aunt, a savvy data subject and his refusal to dock in an unsafe harbour.

UPDATED 22 October 2015

Ryanair Justice Gove predicted to bin tax on guilt

After debating a motion of regret, members of the House of Lords voted by 132 votes to 100 to oppose the criminal court charge, which was introduced by Chris Grayling as Lord Chancellor in the …

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The ICLR Anniversary Edition is now for sale

The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales (ICLR) was founded in 1865, by the Inns of Court and the Law Society, on the recommendation of a committee of lawyers who were fed up at the erratic and disorganised way in which critical precedents were then being recorded. From the start it has been “making case history” by recording for posterity those cases which have changed or clarified the law, or were for some reasons “peculiarly instructive”.

This …

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McKenzie Friends: a litigant’s guide

Legal Profession

The continued reduction in legal aid in cases involving family law, housing disputes etc, means that many people going to court are finding they have no choice but to represent themselves or try to get some help from someone other than an expensive lawyer. One such resource is a ‘McKenzie friend’. In this post we explain what a McKenzie Friend is, what they can and can’t do for you, and alert you to the possible risks and how to guard against …

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Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR – 9 October 2015

The big news this week has been ICLR’s own birthday, and the book, the talk and the bursary which came with it. But we’ve squeezed in some other news as well.


“150 Not Out” ICLR’s sesquicentennial celebration


Recently (see below) a judge in the United States ruled that the tune of the popular song “Happy Birthday” was not after all protected by copyright, as has been claimed by publishers Warner/Chappell for many years. So when Lord …

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Case Law On Trial – the results: 1996 – 2014

To commemorate the fact that ICLR has been creating case history for the last 150 years, we’re putting together a special Anniversary Edition of the Law Reports, which will include the 15 top cases voted for by you, our readers. We divided our history into five periods, and allowed a month for you to vote for a case from each period. In this post, we look at the results from the final period, 1996 – 2014. Though a clear leader emerged with a case that marks …

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Weekly Notes: legal news from ICLR – 2 October 2015

This week’s sketch of key events in the legal calendar includes the Lord Chancellor’s breakfast, some regulatory news, new legislation, toytown terrorism and a classical philosopher’s retrial. Plus highs and lows of laws overseas. Happy New Legal Year New Lord Chancellor’s breakfast of judicial champions

Michael Gove, as Lord Chancellor, opened the legal year in the traditional way on 1 October with a service in Westminster Abbey for all the top judges, followed by a procession to the Houses of …

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Berlin 2015: ICLR at the IALL

Last month the ICLR team attended the International Association of Law Libraries’ 34th Annual Course on International Law and Legal Information, which took place at Berlin State Library.

The subjects covered in the sessions were fairly broad, as suggested by the official title of the course Within and in Between: German Legal Tradition in Times of Internationalisation and Beyond. But the takeaway for us was more specific. Set against a background of the city’s history over …

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