The internet, social media and contempt of court: some recent developments

Two recent official statements highlight the need for care to be taken by members of the public who come into contact with the justice system in their use of the internet and social media. And a recent announcement from the CPS reminds users of Twitter of the risk of prosecution for abusive or threatening tweets.

In relation to contempt of court, the risks involved concern the way criminal trials are reported and commented upon and the way this can …

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Book review: Slapper and Kelly, The English Legal system

The English Legal system, 14th ed (2013-2014), by Gary Slapper and David Kelly (Routledge, £32.99).

As the authors point out in their introduction, the English legal system has evolved over a period of more than a thousand years, and continues to evolve daily. It needs a textbook of sufficient heft and vigour to keep up with it, and this they certainly provide.

To take just one example, in 2013, the year of publication, the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment …

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Mandela remembered: a lawyer for all seasons – via The IBA

The following message is shared from website of the International Bar Association, the global voice of the legal profession, with which ICLR, as a regular exhibitor at the IBA annual conference, is glad to be associated.


IBA mourns and celebrates Nelson Mandela, Founding Honorary President of its Human Rights Institute

The International Bar Association (IBA) joins the international community in expressing sadness at the announcement of the death of Mr Rolihlahla Dalibhunga ‘Nelson’ Mandela, Founding Honorary President of the  Continue Reading

HHJ Pennyweather: Why can’t we have the TV cameras in our county courts?

It’s just not fair. Not fair at all. One minute, the policy is that it’d be wrong to have cameras in our courts and the next it appears to have changed but only for the likes of the Court of Appeal. I can’t believe that I spent years appearing in the Court of Appeal and not getting any of the so-called oxygen of publicity. Not even a single molecule – excepting of course my inclusion in a long …

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